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Learn about Bitcoin and other crypto currencies

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By Design is almost entirely free for users. For those who want to gain more exposure with their ads, accepts payment for featured ads in some sections of the website.

There is a checkered history between classified ads websites with adult sections and credit card companies, such as Visa and Mastercard, refusing to provide payment support. Although all sections of are 100% legal and compliant with regulations, credit card companies are in no way obligated to support any business. It is due to this history and the many benefits users gain through cryptocurrency payments that, by design, only accepts cryptocurrency as payment. choose to accept Bitcoin because Bitcoin transactions cannot be stopped by banks, credit card companies, or any one person or entity. This is good for our website and our users as no one person controls Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a payment technology that is as simple to use as email, however unlike email it is decentralized, meaning it cannot be controlled or stopped. Bitcoin is the first, best known, and most trusted cryptocurrency; however the crypto ecosystem is vast and in time will accept a basket of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. For now we will focus on Bitcoin and give a step by step process to get you started.

Step 1) Buy Bitcoin

To purchase Bitcoin you will first have to set up an account with a Bitcoin brokerage. We recommend either or . When you setup your account with either of these brokerages, the brokerage account will tie to your bank account or credit card. Don’t worry about giving your account information to these companies, they are fully licensed and operate like banks. Also do not be intimidated by the USD price for one full Bitcoin as you do not have to purchase an entire Bitcoin. Bitcoin is divisible to 8 decimal places, meaning you can purchase any amount you wish. Setting up your account with the brokerage can take as little as a few hours but can take up to a few days.

Step 2) Send Bitcoin

Once you have purchased your Bitcoin from the brokerage you can either store the Bitcoin on the brokerage and access it to logging into your account or send it to a private wallet. If you wish to set up your own Bitcoin wallet here is information on how: No matter where you choose to store your Bitcoin, the next step is to send Bitcoin to, to do this you must first have an account registered with igotit. Once you have your igotit account set up and your email verified, go to the my account tab and select my transactions. From this page there is a button labeled “click here to get my BTC address”, click the button and a Bitcoin address will appear. This is the address you will send Bitcoin to in order to deposit on, it works just like and email address. Copy and paste this address into the send location on your brokerage account or your private wallet. Choose the amount of Bitcoin you wish to send to igotit and press send. You have just executed a bitcoin transaction! Please keep in mind that once a bitcoin transaction has been executed, it cannot be undone. Also Bitcoin transactions require several confirmations on the Bitcoin network to complete and this process can take as little as a few minutes and as much as a few hours to complete depending on how much traffic is on the network. Once your Bitcoin arrives it will show up in your wallet and can be spent at any time.

At present is also accepting Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) as payment. Soon more cryptocurrencies will be added as payment options. Cryptocurrency transactions are not only more safe and secure than traditional payments, they also reduce transaction costs. We pass these cost savings directly to our users in the form of lower prices for featured ads. The cryptocurrency revolution is still very early on and is proud to join the small but growing number of online pioneers accepting cryptocurrency as payment.

You can find a large list that shows the top crypto markets, and much more information about the coins on

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