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The Webcam Model Revolution

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As the ever-expanding landscape of Internet based technology grows and discovers new and exciting business verticals, so have opportunities in the adult industry. The marriage between the adult entertainment industry and the Internet was both immediate and apparent. As it’s referred to in the American lexicon, porn has reined high priest of rapid Internet development. As Internet technology has infiltrated and disrupted old business models, the adult business embraced this change and pioneered many of the tech advances we all take for granted today. Enter the Romeo dragon slayer; enter the cam business.

Camming, as it is referred to in the industry, is the present day version of the old school peep show. The historical context of the “peep show” can be traced back to 15th century Europe, and later became popular in the United States. The general concept is for patrons to sit in individual viewing booths and pay for a show. With a glass panel separating the patron from the performer, the patron pays per minute to view sex acts or nude female performers. For a nickel in the slot, the curtain slides up unveiling a female performing various erotic acts; times up and down comes the curtain. Patrons that want the show to continue best pony up another nickel, wash rinse repeat.

Camming is the evolution of the peep show and provides a way for adult industry performers to create live content from the comfort of their own home and or at a professional camming studio. Cam modeling typically consists of a model, a male, female or a couple, performing an array of erotic acts via live stream from a webcam. Adult camming allows adult performers to be their own boss, set their own prices, hours, and work from the comfort of their own home should they choose.

Although independent, the majority of cam models can be found on websites dedicated to camming. The plethora of cam sites require performers to first apply and must subsequently be approved before they're allowed to broadcast. Cammers are provided with a unique web address and page that they may customize in any way they choose. Cam sites also allow models to upload content outside of just their live streams, such as videos and photo albums.

Models perform in public, private, or group shows. Public shows are available to everyone who goes on the model's page while they're streaming. Private shows are intimate shows between the model and a single voyeur or client chatting with the performer and provide the capacity for other viewers to watch but not communicate. Group shows are less intimate and are between a model and several voyeurs watching and chatting.

Models on cam sites get paid through a token system. Voyeurs’ aka clients purchase the tokens through the cam site, and then award them to cam models of their choice. These tokens are used in several ways. In public chat rooms, models may offer several services like watching a voyeur’s cam, answering chats, and particular erotic acts in exchange for a token amount of the model's choosing. Models may also set coin countdowns that promise special prizes or performances when the limit is met. For private and group shows, models are awarded tokens from patrons for an amount of tokens per seconds. When transactions like this occur, the models do not receive the full amount members have paid. Instead, the revenue is split between the site and the performer, typically a cam-girl, which means cam-girls are having their hard-earned money taken away from them and split with the cam site. To be fair, the cam sites handle all the payment processing, provide the bandwidth, site maintenance, marketing, and offer flexible ways for models to receive their income like direct deposit and money order. With all the payments going through the site, models can protect their anonymity and safety. Everyone in the transaction does their part, however the performers ultimately pay a great deal of their income for such services.

Although camming provides several benefits for live adult content creators, it also has its downsides. As mentioned, Cam broadcasting sites take upwards of 50% of model’s income. Cam sites rationalize this with the fact that they provide all the hosting, bandwidth, site maintenance, and traffic. However the reality of the business is that the models are the ones doing all the work. Despite cam sites doing all the "heavy lifting" by managing the hosting proxies and payment processing that they promise will save you money & headaches, in the long run, models are losing money that they lay it all on the line to make.

Although not a total permanent record seared into the collective memory of the Internet like porn, models are at continual risk of clients recording performances while on cam sites. This illegal practice causes significant harm to a model's financial and personal wellbeing and for the most part cam companies refuse to address this issue. A pirated show can be spread far and deep across the Internet onto sites that purposely hinder the copyright reporting process. If a model decides to report her stolen content, she must provide these fly by night websites with all of their private, identifying information that can then be shared with the infringer who stole their content. These sites come with long sets of policies and terms of use that a model must follow or face account sanctions and bans. These policies not only put stress on the performers to execute flawless shows, but also hinder the model's creative expression. Cam companies also offer little to no assistance in moderating chat rooms, which puts the models in charge of combating abuse and trolls while still having to put on an immaculate performance. provides a new advertising platform for cam models and seeks to alleviate the downsides that come with camming websites. By design igotIt is not a cam site; it's a game-changing classified commerce website. igotIt offers a far more user-friendly interface than its competition; mainly sites like craiglist and backpage who have maintained the same look and feel as when they debuted. igotIt includes a section specifically for cam models to advertise themselves directly to patrons. This cam section provides a direct option for cam models to connect with clients outside of their usual cam-streaming site. Connecting models and clients directly eliminates the middleman or the cam sites and eliminates their 50% cut. This feature provides the models with more control and allows them keep the money they earn. Once connected, the ball is in the model’s proverbial court. Models can take their new patrons to their cam stream, on skype, or onto their own website. By removing the cam sites as middlemen for garnering clients, models gain more control, creative, and monetary freedom. It also alleviates the pressure on the model to moderate chats by finding serious clients before the show even starts. igotIt also offers a platform for crypto-currency payments that provide a much safer environment for transactions than those offered from cam-sites. Models advertising on igotIt will also have the ability to rate client profiles, which helps other models find sincere and safe patrons to do business with.

The goal of igotIt.Com’s cam advertising section is not to eliminate cam-sites as igotIt is working with cam-site companies as affiliates. Rather, the goal is to provide cam models with more options and opportunities to connect with valued clients outside of the normal cam-site model. If a model feels comfortable with the cam-site business model and likes the system it offers, igotIt encourages models to sign up with our affiliate or continue with the cam-site of their choosing. Should models want to advertise direct to clients and keep 100% of the money they generate, igotIt provides the best platform on the market to do so. The absolute best part is the cam advertising section of igotIt is and will remain free, the site only charges models that choose to pay for featured ads. Featured models get a top spot on the site, which will boost their service to an even wider audience. Additionally igotIt never has and never will sell members' private information to third parties.

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