igotit safety

igotit.com is an increasingly popular and amazingly effective site to list, buy, sell, and trade services and items. As our community grows and the number listings expand daily, it is important that we articulate our commitment to user satisfaction and safety. The vast majority of igotit’s users are amazing, trustworthy people! Considering the volume of transactions our community participates in, the rate of incident is extremely low. Online classifieds have been around for decades and everyone by now is pretty comfortable with the process. It is still important that our community stays diligent and heeds the proper precautions when buying or selling online. Since the first time there was a buyer and a seller, there were scammers. To ensure our community does not engage or fall for bad actors on the platform here are some considerations for safe transactions on igotit.com.

  1. Meeting location

    When meeting in person for any transaction, always choose a populated public place to meet such as a mall parking lot, café, or even a police parking lot. Stay diligent and be leery of users who refuse to meet in person to complete a transaction. Any user insisting that you send an online payment or payment by mail is most likely a scammer. Don’t send payment for items you have not seen in person. If the transaction cannot take place in a public area, perhaps due to the nature of the item, we strongly recommend having someone else with you.

  2. Payments

    After you have met with the seller, payments should be made in cash or a crypto currency of your choice. Avoid payments by personal check, cashiers check, and never wire money or use a service like western union. If you decide on Paypal as the preferred method of payment, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the most common Paypal scams and frauds.

  3. Unusual Requests

    Go with your gut instinct. If something does not feel right, it probably isn’t. Beware of users who make unusual and or demanding requests. Many scams start with a buyer wanting to go above and beyond. If a buyer is insisting on sending more money for an item then the item was listed for, this unusual behavior is most likely a scam.

  4. If it Seems to Good to be True, it Probably is.

    If an item or service seems like a crazy deal and the seller would be insane to sell a $20,000 car for $7,000 it is most likely a scam. Stay diligent and be leery of listings with unrealistically low prices. Pay attention to the photos in the listing. If the photos are clearly fake or taken from a website or catalog; or they just don’t look like the seller actually took them; these are all red flags.

  5. Completing the Transaction

    The exchange of payment for an item or service should occur at the time you receive the item or service. Never pre pay or send payment in any form before you have received the item or service. Pre paying opens the door to all variety of scams and fraud. When you receive payment always take only cash or crypto currency. If you handle the transaction in cash make sure the bills are not fake and or counterfeit. Any transaction done in crypto currency is verified and recorded on the block-chain, but make sure you have the item or service in hand!

  6. Verified Users

    All users are verified on igotit.com however users can post anonymously. Should you receive a request from a user that seems out of the ordinary and or spammy do not trust the user. These sorts of messages usually originate from over seas; this is also a red flag. Do business locally whenever possible and be wary of users who are overseas asking you to ship items.

  7. Use the Resources at Your Fingertips

    If you want to further verify who a user is or want more information about them before meeting; there are plenty of online resources. A simple Google search or request for a Facebook page can reveal a lot about whom you’re dealing with. A phone call between users is another great way to ensure everyone in the transaction feels comfortable before meeting. If you have doubts about a users authenticity – simply move on. There’s always another listing!

  8. Personal Information

    We do not give out your personal information, should you choose to do so – that’s up to you. However we do not recommend giving out any information that is not critical to the transaction. Never give out any financial information and only complete transactions in cash or crypto currency. Never use a personal check or a cashier’s check.

  9. Agreement Before the Meeting

    Plan and agree upon as much as possible before meeting in person. Things like condition and price of the item, and payment is good to have laid out and agreed upon before meeting. If the seller seems hesitant or cannot answer essential questions about the item, or refuses to make a plan before meeting; simply move on and find another seller.

  10. Know What You’re Buying

    Do a thorough inspection of the item you are buying before exchanging any money. If you are purchasing a service, make sure everyone agrees to the terms of the deal before the service commences. Test the item and make sure it matches the sellers description and is in the agreed upon condition. If you are buying a vehicle make sure to run the VIN through a 3rd party verification service to insure the title is clean. For large ticket items, consider completing the transaction in front of a public notary or using an escrow service.

Igotit.com strives to maintain an amazing and safe platform for its users. We make use of both algorithms and hands on moderators to keep the site spam and scam free as much as possible. We also encourage our community of users to stay engaged and be vigilant. Our users are essential in keeping in keeping igotit.com safe and great experience for all. If you see inappropriate content, please flag it. If you believe another igotit.com user has posted offensive, illegal, spammy, or scam related content; please report it so our staff of moderators can begin an investigation and take appropriate action. Our goal is to keep igotit.com 100% free of offensive, illegal, or inappropriate material and we appreciate your help. If for any reason you feel threatened, in danger, or have been defrauded by another user; please do not hesitate to contact your local police.